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Monday, October 10, 2005

To Kill a Mockingbird-Ch. 1 Reading Questions

Chapter 1:

Read each of the following reading questions and respond to each using at least one quote from the book. Each of your responses should be at least 3 sentences in length.

1. What do you learn in this chapter about Maycomb, Atticus Finch and his family?
2. What do you learn about Dill's character?
3. What, briefly, has happened to Arthur “Boo” Radley.
4. Why does the Radley place fascinate Scout, Jem and Dill?
5. What do you notice about the narrative voice and viewpoint in the novel?

Your answers to these questions are due tomorrow, 10/12/05.


At 11:25 AM, Blogger Ncarrp1 said...

"To Kill a Mockingbird"

1.The family seems very traditional in the way they live, they live off what they have which is all they need Atticus Finch went to law school in Montgomery and then moved back to Maycomb and became what seems to be unsuccesful. Maycomb
sounds like a town where everybody knows each other. "Maycomb was an old town but it was a tired old town when i first knew it" its a very slow moving town because theres nothing to do.

2.Dill was from Meridian Mississippi he was staying with his aunt,Miss Rachel for the summer and would be staying there every summer there from now on. "Dill was a curiosity" small with white hair that stuck to his head. He has a great imagination and seems very confident.

3.Boo Radley never goes outside for anything he seems creepy. He is emotionally damaged by his father.

4.The Radley house fascinates Scout,Jem,and Dill because they dont know anything about it and they have never seen "boo Radley"

5.She seems like she thinks everybody has some goodness in some way she seems intelligent and sort of like a boy.

At 5:09 PM, Anonymous nadia ensasteguip1 said...

1)Maycomb is a town where everyone that has lived there long enough, they know each other. Atticus seems to take care of the two boys Jem and the other boy.
2)Dill is a character about to be seven years old. He is origionally from Meridian, Mississippi. He is staying at his aunts house during the summer. He was bragging to Jem and Scout Dll could read.
3)Boo Radley is a man that is hardly seen around town. The story said that he hasn't been seen in 15 years.
4)What facinates Scout, Jem, and Dill is that the Radley house is always closed and they have never seen boo Radley.

At 6:14 PM, Anonymous stacyr. said...

1. The people that have lived in Maycomb for a long time know everyone very well and for a good amount of time. Atticus went to law school and later on moved back and wasn't very succesful but he was born and raised in Maycomb so therefore he decided to stay. The family looks like if they appreciate what they have even if Atticus wasn't very succesful.

2. Dill was a six year old boy his real name is Charles Baker Harris. Dill was fromMeridian, Mississippi he was spending the summer with his aunt, Miss Rachel and he was goin to be visiting and staying in Maycomb every summer for now on. Dill seemed to be a kind of careless boy in a way.

3. Boo Radley was this creepy man who never went outside or was never seen.

4. The Radley's house fascinates scout, Jem, and Dill becuase they have no idea wat actually goes on in there and the have never met Boo Radley. I think they like hearing the stories people tell them about the Radley's house therefore that's what makes it so fascinating.

5. She seems like she knows everything she's takling about. i don't think she makes the story clear but maybe because it's the first chapter

At 7:25 PM, Anonymous BramirezPer.1 said...

1) In ch. 1 I learned that the people in Maycom know each other really good. They are not a lot of new people in town. Flich Family is very traditional family. One of the member has to stay were Flich grew up an died.
2)Dill is a little boy is in Maycom for the summer. Who lives with his aunt.
3)Boo Radly is a man that never comes out of the house. Many people think that he is a bad man. A lot of the people are afraid of them.
4)Scout, jem and dill are curios of Boo Radly's house. They do not know a lot of Boo Radly house. They want to go inside of the house.
5)The narrator of the book so far seems confusing.

At 7:37 PM, Anonymous j_limon_p.1 said...

1) What I learned in this chapter is that Maycomb is an old town were people know each other. Atticus Finch went to a law school in Montgomery. His family seems happy for whatever they have and accomplish.

2) Dill character is about this boy that is from Meridian, Mississippi. He spend all his summer with his aunt Rachel. His parents were from Maycomb County originally.

3) Boo Radley is a man that doesn’t go outside at all. People in the town have never seen him.

4) The Radley place fascinate Scout, Jem and Dill because they don’t really know anything about Boo Radley or how he looks.

5) I think that the narrative voice and viewpoint in the novel doesn’t make a lot of sense right now but maybe later in the book it will.

At 7:50 PM, Anonymous kHamilton p4 said...

kHamilton p4

1.In this chapter, we learn that Maycomb is "was the county seat of Maycomb county." Atticus Finch lost his wife two years after their daughter was born, and he just lives with her and her older brother, Jem.
The family has one servant, named Calpurnia, who has been with the Finch's since Jem was born.

2. Dill's real name is "Charles Baker Harris" and he is from Meridian, Mississippi. He stays with his aunt during the summer in Maycomb. He is one year older than Scout, but she "towers over him."

3. Arthur "Boo" Radley was shortly in 'the nearest thing to a gang ever seen in Maycomb." He got in trouble with the law and his father kept him in the house for fifteen years afterwards. His father later passes away and Arthurs older brother comes to look after him.

4. Why does the Radley place fascinate Scout, Jem and Dill? The Radley house must fascinate the children because of "Boo Radley." They believe he is a crazy man and locked up in the house. They have never seen him, so they aren't even sure if he is there.

5. the narrator of this story is the little girl, Scout. She doens't sound like a child but seems very well educated.

At 7:55 PM, Anonymous Dlettieri per 4 said...

Dlettieri per4

1. Atticus and his family seem very smart and traditional in the way they live. Atticus studied economy the first five years he lived in Maycomb. Maycomb seems like a small old town where alomost everybody know everybody.
2. Dil seems very adventurous and curious.H seemed to be proud and consious of what is going on.
3. He is someone who stays inside alot and never goes out side. He might have a problem with his father.
4. They are fascinated because they dont know anything about it except that it seems empty and closed up on sundays. They have never seen boo.
5. The narrator seems very smart and a nice person.

At 7:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

bvargasp1 1)Maycomb was an old town. In rainy weather the streets turned to red slop;grass grew on the sidewalks,the courthouse sagged in the square. Atticus Finch went to mongomery to read law,and practiced economy more than anything. 2)Dill was from meridian, mississippi, he was spending every summer with his aunt, Miss Rachel,and would be spending every single summer there from now on.dill was a curiosity. He wore blue linen shorts that buttoned to his shirt,his black hair was snow white and stuck to his head like duckfluff. 3)boo radley only goes out at night and seems to freak everybody out. 4)The Radley's House is considered a mystery to jem ,dill and scout.They see that they never open their windows on sunday, even though thats the day that they should be open. 5)

At 7:57 PM, Anonymous eessen p4 said...

eessen p4

1. Atticus Finch is the father of an entire family and he is a lawyer working in Maycomb, Maycomb County. Jack Finch, Atticus' brother, went to a medical school. Alexandra Finch, their sister, stays at their cotton plantation to run it.
2. Dill is a friend and occasional neighbor of the Finches. He is a confident kid with a good imagination. he is interested boo radley.
3. he was emotionally abused by his father.
4. because boo radley never comes out.
5. it tends to be slightly incoherent at certain times but is a good 'voice'.

At 8:02 PM, Anonymous madie santoyo said...


1)His family is pretty old fashioned, They seem pretty close,considering they don't have a mother. Everyone in the small town of Maycomb know eachother, making it a very welcoming close knit community.
2)Dill is a boy living with his Aunt for the summer. He was a small boy who seems like he would be the "cool" kid of any group, with his talkative and outgoing personality.
3)He has lived in the same house his whole life, and was a little trouble maker who got with the wrong crowd when he was a teenager. He is pretty wierd and never seems to leave his house.
4)Nothing really exciting probably happens in the small town of Maycomb, so a wierd kind of "haunted" house would seem "dangerous" and and adventure to a bunch of kids.
5)The Narrative voice doesn't seem much older then any of the boys. The view point almost seems like a neighbor or someone who remembers being told this story and is now telling it to someone else.

At 8:20 PM, Anonymous John Dubon said...

per 1
1. I learned that maycomb is a city where everybody knows each other. The city seems to be a poor city. evyrone seems to be related in that town too.
2. He seems kind of bad. He seems to be bad because he goes to scare everybody in the city when there is a full moon. He looks like he was curious.
3.Boo Radley never goes outside for anything he seems creepy. He seems to be hiding from somebody.
4. The radley place fascinates scout, jem and dill because it's unknown how the place is.
5.She seems like she thinks everybody has some goodness in some way she seems intelligent and sort of like a boy.

At 8:32 PM, Anonymous RAlejandro said...

Ralejandro Per1

1.] “A day was twenty-four hours long but seemed longer. There was no hurry, for there was nowhere to go, nothing to buy and no money to buy it with, nothing to see outside the boundaries of Maycomb Country.” According to this quote the people there seem to be bored in the town. Maycomb appears to be a small town. Everyone there knows each other. It seems like this town is isolated from the rest of the world. Atticus Finch and his family appears to be like any old fashion family. They all depend on Atticus Finch.

2.] “Dill blushed and Jem told me to hush, a sure sign that Dill had been studied and found acceptable” Dill seems to be a very funny boy. He looks like he has a big imagination. He came from the Meridian Mississippi to stay with his aunt over the summer. He seems to be friendly and very talkative.

3.] “The shutters and doors of the Radley house were closed on Sundays.” The town had hardly ever seen Boo Radley in the past 15 years. He has some harsh history with his father. No one talk to the Radley and their house almost seems like deserted.

4.] “I’d like to see what he looks like-Dill” Radley place fascinates Scout, Jem and Dill because they have never seen anyone in there. They are curious and they want to find out more about Boo Radley. They want to discover more about this mystery.

5.] The narrative voice and point of view in the novel are different. The point of view of the author is like if he is one of the towns people. Like if he is living there and experience it. The narrator sounds like a educated person.

At 8:39 PM, Anonymous KMolter Per-1 said...

KMolter Per-1

1)Atticus family seems pretty much into the old ways and traditions others live back then "down to earth basically saying". Everyone seems to know everyones buisness because everyones haslived there song long and not many are new to the town.

2)Dill was curious kid that wore blue linen shorts that buttoned to his shirt,and his hair was snow white. Dill was from Meridian, Mississippi. He came down to Maycomb to spend the summer with his Aunt Rachel.

3)Boo Radley is a man who rarely never comes out of his house. Most of the town is scared of him.

4)The Radley house fascinates Scout, Jem, and Dill is because they dont know anything because no one ever goes in or out and it is always closed. Also no one has every meet Boo Radley and they haven't seen him for a long time which scared them.

5)The narrator's point is really confusing to me. It make's it seem like hes bringing the good out in a lot of people he doesn't show much bad things about this town. Hopefully there will be more details later on in the book.

At 9:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


1. We learn that Atticus is the father of the narrator of the story and that he had studied and practiced law years before. We also learn that Maycomb is a relatively small and old town where everyone knows everyone and almost all are related to Atticus, “Atticus was related by blood or marriage to nearly every family in the town."(p.5).

2. We learn that,” His family was from Maycomb originally",(p.7), but his mother worked for a photographer in Meridian, Mississippi. Dill was visiting his aunt, Miss Rachel, and was going to be spending every summer there.

3. Arthur "Boo" Radley was part of a "gang" in Maycomb, and when getting in trouble with the law his father decided to keep in the house. He also had an incident where he stabbed his father in the leg, but he wasn’t crazy, "He was high-strung at times" (p.13).

4. The Radley house is Fascinating to Jem, Dill, and Scout because the man hasn't been seen for , what is said to be, 15 years. They want to make him come out to see him ,"I'd like to see what he looks like."(p.13)

5. The narrative voice is a little girl who is telling the story of how her brother broke his arm, so she is re-telling the story to someone but we don’t know who that someone is. Her viewpoint is that of blaming Dill for her brothers broken arm, "...it began the summer Dill came to us..." (p.1).

At 9:50 PM, Anonymous GerardoN. said...

1. Everyone in Maycomb that has lived there for a long time know eachother very well. The family seems very supportive to Atticus which was going to law school in Montgomery and then later moved back to Maycomb but didnt become to succesful.

2. Dill is a boy that goes to his aunt's house to spend the summer and he will spend every summer there for now on. he's from the Meridian, Mississippi. His character is very imagenary and you can tell he's talented.

3. Boo Radley is this weird man that never goes outside and he's very scary. I think he has issues.

4. The house fascinates Scout, Jem, and Dill because they really don't know anything about this house and they want to know alot more. They have never ever seen Boo Radley so i think they are excited about hearing more to this story.

5. To me personally she seems smart but to me it's kind of confusing me a little bit. I think she needs to add more detail.

At 12:37 AM, Anonymous ReekerD per.1 said...

Reeker, D

1.) Maycomb sounds like a place where everybody knows each others names. Atticus seems like the one in charge and most intelligent out of the family. I wrote that because of this quote,"We were far too old to settle an arguement with a fistfight, so we consulted Atticus." on pg. 3. Finch is described as a person who lives off things he makes on Simon's Homestead.

2.) Dill is intelligent because he can read and he's only seven. He was named,"Dill is a curiosity" because he always wants to know whats going on. Dill says he doesn't have a Dad and thats what he wants to believe,nothing else.

3.)"Boo Radley" didn't like to come out but Dill helped him get more social. Once he got started on the outside everything went bad for him. He hung out with bad kids which you could almost call a "gang". He was sentenced to stay in the courthouse basement because of bad choices. After that not too many people saw him.

4.)The Radley place was fascinating for the kids because it was so quiet and suspicious. They wanted to know what would happen if they went on the property because doing so might make the "Radleys" come out.

5.)I'm not sure who the narrarator is but I think the author is trying to get different points of view from everybody. If he does that then we'll understand who's right or wrong. It changes between third person and first person, I think.

At 8:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

roy ortiz

1. They make the best with what they have. Maycomb is an old town and small. All the people there know each other.

2.Dill is from Meridian Mississippi. He has an imagination and he is staying at his aunts house.

3.Boo Radley was emotionally dam,aged by his dad.

4.It facinates them because they want to know more about it. they dont really know anything.

5. I think she is just trying to show the characters personality.

At 10:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

bolvera P4

1. Maycomb is a small town. Atticus and his family live there. They seem like a responsible family. Atticus has two children. A girl named scout is a young girl that acts like a boy. Jim is her big brother.

2. Dill is a boy that visits maycomb during the summer. He met Jim and Scout there. He seems like a kid that likes adventures.

3. Boo Radley is a misterious man. He never goes outside. People say he killed his own father.

4. They want to know who is Boo Radley and they want to know how he lives.

5. The narrator sounds like a young woman that is intelligent and kind.

At 6:57 PM, Anonymous T.Cosner said...

T. Cosner p.4
1. What do you learn in this chapter about Maycomb, Atticus Finch and his family?
Maycomb is a small quiet town. It is very welcoming and friendly. Atticus is a lawyer and a very respectful person. His family is very nice and peaceful.
2. What do you learn about Dill's character?
He looks young for his age and lies all the time. He doesn't have a dad and lives with his aunt in the summer.
3. What, briefly, has happened to Arthur “Boo” Radley.
Boo Radley stabs his dad and gets locked in the basement of there house. He is very mysterious and people think he is scary.
4. Why does the Radley place fascinate Scout, Jem and Dill?
It fascinates them because nobody knows about it and it is mysterious.
5. What do you notice about the narrative voice and viewpoint in the novel?
The narrator ia Scout. She is a young whiny girl that has a problem with tolerance. She is an unreliable narrotor because she is still young and has her own opinoins.


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